openJSDE, my HTML5 Desktop framework [14.04.2014]

openJSDE – my HTML5 Desktop framework


Recently I created my own HTML5 Desktop framework, which allows you to create desktop applications with the design abilities of HTML and CSS, with the flexibility of JavaScript and with the power of Java. And for ALL common platforms! Let me explain that in detail:

The framework is built like this:

  • The framework is based on Java (Java 7 SE / Java jdk7u51)
  • The user interface is based on JavaFX (Java 7 SE / Java jdk7u51)
  • The HTML/CSS user interface is based on JavaFX WebView (Webkit 535.21)
  • The JavaScript engine is (based) on the JavaFX WebView-WebEngine (also Webkit 535.21)

So, what’s the special about openJSDE and why is it better than the other HTML5 desktop frameworks?

The special about it is, that you don’t need any kind of an interpreter, like most of the other frameworks do. openJSDE is opensource and all you need to create an openJSDE App is a text editor, like windows notepad.

You can access every ability of Java, JavaFX, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. That means, you are flexible. Examples:

    • You want to create a simple 2D-game but you don’t want to learn Java at all (or you haven’t enough time for that). You have a basic/good/perfect knowledge of web technologies (JavaScript+HTML). All you need is an HTML document with a canvas tag. Your game is written in JavaScript, the drawing is done by the HTML canvas and storing game progress data is handled by Java.
    • You want to create a messenger but don’t want to use XmlHttpRequests (XHR) for that. You can simply design the beautiful chat UI in HTML+CSS. Then you open a Java socket to your chat server and can write, read and do other things with it.

Also I’ve never said, that it is better that others, openJSDE is still under heavy development, but you have some abilities that those frameworks don’t provide and the great compatibility with every device that runs Java is unique.


If you want to try openJSDE or want to develop an openJSDE App, you can inform yourself on how to do that on the projects Wiki page on


If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or contact me under



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